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Waterparks and Other Leisure Projects

SuperSplash! Adventure Waterpark
Edinburgh, Texas, USA

For the INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION of the City of Edinburg, ITPS performed a Management and Operational Audit of this SuperSplash! Adventure located in Edinburg, Texas. As such, ITPS was asked to (a) provide a review of overall operations leading to any necessary recommended program changes that could potentially produce improved efficiency, productivity, service or profitability; and, (b) provide documentation regarding the park’s operation in the event of an anticipated change of ownership, equity participation, sale of property assets, or current or future operational changes. Subsequent to the completion of the audit, ITPS was retained as the waterpark’s on-site management company.

ITPS reported to the Edinburg Industrial Development Council and recruited and hired a General Manager for the facility. Further, ITPS utilized its experience and corporate staff to develop and direct both short- and long-term objectives. As such, ITPS developed business plans, marketing plans, revised capital programs, revised budgets, new operational programs, in-depth training programs, modified retail programs, enhanced ambiance-related details, and other modifications necessary to correctly position the park in the marketplace.

The park was closed after the 2000 season and was put up for sale. ITPS was responsible for the marketing of the facility and the park was sold to private investors in 2002.

New Heritage USA
Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA

At the time of ITPS involvement, New Heritage USA was a multi-use Christian destination resort spanning over 2,000 acres located just south of Charlotte, North Carolina in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The facility, which operated during the years l984-89, was purchased by the New Heritage Carolina Corporation and reopened under a prudently planned renovation and expansion program.

ITPS was contracted to oversee and coordinate the total renovation of Heritage Island Waterpark, a 5 acre facility located within New Heritage USA. Under this contract, ITPS provided both consultation services, as well as an on-site ITPS project team to directly oversee and conduct the renovation program.

The ITPS renovation program for Heritage Island Waterpark was conducted in two simultaneous phases. Phase I (Redevelopment/Renovation) placed ITPS in a general contractor's role and included all physical aspects of renovation such as plumbing, electrical, filtration, chlorination and other technical and mechanical programs. Phase II (Pre-Opening Operations Planning) included all operational programming necessary to prepare the waterpark for a successful opening such as human resources planning, budgets, schedules, departmental programs and manuals, training procedures, revenue programs, marketing and other aspects of operational planning.

Weeki Wachee Springs
Weeki Wachee, Florida, USA

ITPS was retained by Farrar Equities, LLC and the members of Weeki Wachee Springs, LLC to conduct a business valuation of Weeki Wachee Springs, LLC, and to provide an independent assessment of its value. ITPS based its valuation on fair market value of the property.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

ITPS provided manual development and on-site training.  

Ogden Entertainment
New York, New York, USA

ITPS performed a market assessment for Ogden Entertainment to determine the viability of either purchasing existing waterparks or the pursuit of optimum markets for potentially building a waterpark.

ITPS also was engaged by Ogden Entertainment to provide an independent professional physical inspection and procedural review for the Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

Aqua’n Kay Ocean Park
Cancun, Mexico

The developers of the planned $40 million USD Aqua’n Kay Ocean Park retained ITPS as their principle consultants during the project design and development stage. Situated on a floating platform, this unique facility was designed to provide a sophisticated level of guest interactivity with a variety of marine species, as well as marine mammal presentations. In addition to concept refinement and design review, ITPS provided assistance in the areas of finance, marketing, operations, safety and maintenance.

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