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Shawn has over thirty (30) years of experience in the leisure industry. He began his career employed in numerous positions, including Games Attendant, Games Bank Supervisor, Head Supervisor and Buyer, since he began his career in the leisure industry in 1989 at Kings Island.

At Paramount's Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio), the majority of his experience was in the field of retail operations, with a strong emphasis on games and arcades. As a Supervisor, Shawn was primarily responsible for overseeing all games division staffing, as well as training / evaluating associates and supervising game and arcade operations. Shawn was also responsible for negotiating with vendors and assisting with the procurement of new games and products in order to maintain inventory levels.

While employed with Paramount's Kings Island, Shawn developed and published One In Wins, a newsletter designed to keep games employees abreast of any and all changes within the division, as well as trivia regarding new and interesting game trends in the market. Shawn had overwhelming success in the conversion of the Skeeball location from the typical redemption counter to a new innovative "retail shop type" redemption center.

Shawn received a B.S. in Business and Administration from Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio) in 1994. After graduating with a major in Marketing, Mr. Haas continued with Paramount’s Kings Island as a Buyer/Head Supervisor for the games division, where he was responsible for generating over $2 million dollars in annual revenue. His responsibilities included overseeing the complete operation of all of the park’s arcade and redemption facilities. Prior to leaving Paramount’s Kings Island, Shawn was the Visual Display Coordinator and was responsible for the set-up, enhancement of and maintenance of the game displays.

As Vice President of Retail, Operations and Information Technology at International Theme Park Services (“ITPS”), Shawn is responsible for the coordination of all plans and programs relating to retail operations, including food and beverage, merchandise and games procedures as well as programs for cash control, admissions and employee training. He also assists in all other phases of operations planning.

Shawn is responsible for conducting feasibility analyses for potential new projects, evaluating market conditions, projecting attendance forecasts and preparing detailed financial analysis.

Playing a key role in the development of pre-opening operational programs for ITPS clients, Shawn is responsible for the research, layout, and procurement of merchandise items and new resale products, as well as the design, construction, and testing of skill games. Shawn also directs the set-up and design of visual displays for merchandise and games locations at ITPS client parks. Cash control and point-of-sale systems are also included within Mr. Haas’ broad range of expertise.

Shawn worked closely in opening Dino Kingdom, a children’s entertainment center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Services included manual development, safety inspections, facility audits, on-site training, redemption set-up and providing general support on-site through the opening of the indoor family entertainment center.

The Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky was another operational project where Shawn was responsible for manual development, performed on-site training, as well as general support through the opening of the aquarium. This involved overseeing the operation of the facility and handling any problems that arose during the opening of the aquarium. The main focus of Shawn’s responsibility was on guest service, ticketing, employee relations and safety issues.

Shawn was responsible for Project Management of the Purple People Bridge Climb, the only attraction of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere. His role included all aspects of financial budgeting, overseeing design development and construction, as well as pre-opening operations planning.

Shawn spearheads ITPS’ research team, compiling industry data that is used for clients and financial analysists, as well as for companies looking to expand in to the industry.

Shawn is also the ITPS network administrator and is responsible for the upkeep, modernization, and maintenance of the ITPS computer network and website development. Shawn is also responsible for developing the ITPS Leisure News and for the daily compilation and distribution of this world-wide industry news service to keep clients informed of current trends.

For existing operations, Shawn developed a computerized audit system for ride operations utilizing iAuditor, an app based auditing program.

Shawn has also performed pre-opening operations planning and on-site training for projects China, Brazil, Turkey, United States, and Mexico.

Shawn has written articles for FunWorld, Tourist Attractions and Parks, and the IALEI's monthly newsletter - FunExtra. He has served on the IAAPA Games Committee as well as on IALEI's Games Committee.

Shawn brings practical "hands-on" experience and industry knowledge to every client project which helps to ensure increased revenues and cost saving measures.


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