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ITPS works with facilities of all sizes and scopes. The information on each briefly describes the various projects that International Theme Park Services, Inc. ("ITPS") has been or is currently involved. Each section provides a short project synopsis, as well as the services provided by ITPS. ITPS has consulted on over 500 projects in over 50 countries and has experience to assist all projects. The following descriptions (and list) are not all inclusive but rather provide an overall review.

Below are some of the projects we have worked on.  Click a specific catagory below to find out about the kinds of attractions we have worked on.

International Theme Park Services, Inc.

Storybook Land

Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

ITPS was contracted to design the new Visitor Center for Storybook Land in Aberdeen, South Dakota. ITPS provided concept design and interior layouts for the new center as well as designed the new entry sign for the park. ITPS also provided a new masterplan and a 10-year expansion program.

International Theme Park Services, Inc.

Wells Dairy - Blue Bunny Visitor Center

LeMars, Iowa, USA

Wells Dairy, makers of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, contracted ITPS to design a new visitor's center highlighting Wells' Dairy and LeMars, Iowa's status of being the "Ice Cream Capital of the World."

To showcase a city known as the "Ice Cream Capital of the World" and satisfy many requests from visitors wishing to tour the ice cream plant, ITPS was commissioned to design a fun, interactive and educational attraction for all visitors to enjoy. Inspired by "down home" quality and friendliness, a dairy farm and old-fashioned ice cream parlor was the chosen theme.

Visiting the 13,000 square foot facility, guests learn about the City of Le Mars and the history of Wells Dairy, witness the making of Blue Bunny Ice Cream in the "Production Theater," take a "hands-on" role in the Taste Testing Center, interact with a variety of computer trivia games and soft-play elements, and enjoy a variety of Wells Dairy products in the relaxed atmosphere of the quaint Ice Cream Parlor.

Highlighting the past, present and future of the Dairy's ice cream, the visitor's center also incorporates an existing restaurant and gas station into the design. In addition to providing interior layout and masterplan, exhibit designs, and exterior facades for the museum and visitor's center, ITPS performed a study of the market in order to provide a detailed analysis of the number of visitors to the center. By providing this data in advance, ITPS saved Wells' Dairy time and money by ensuring that the facility design could accommodate the number of guests expected without overbuilding the center.

Steel Pier - Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Feasibility for expansion.

U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee for Colorado’s Ocean Journey Aquarium – Denver, Colorado, USA

In 2002, ITPS was contracted by the U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee for Colorado’s Ocean Journey Aquarium to perform a due diligence and business/operations review for Colorado’s Ocean Journey Aquarium. ITPS provided a review of overall operations leading to recommended program changes that would produce improved efficiency, productivity, service and profitability. Additionally ITPS assisted in the sale of the facility. Colorado’s Ocean Journey Aquarium opened in 1999. Sagging attendance and high costs forced the nonprofit company that built and operated the $93 million aquarium to file for bankruptcy in 2002.

Trustees for Hard Rock Park - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Business Operations Audit.  Review of project for investors.

Coney Island - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Redevelopment study.

Underwater World at Pier 39 – San Francisco, California, USA

ITPS was commissioned by the ownership group of Underwater World to provide a general examination of the facility operations, including the required steps to improve the overall profitability. Through on-site reviews, inspections and discussions with management, ITPS provided an initial Due Diligence report, addressing the Physical Property Assessment, Curatorial Program, and General Operations Review.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

ITPS was contracted to provide project management for the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in New Orleans. The Sims Group, LLC contracted ITPS to provide project management for the new Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. ITPS coordinated all aspects of construction to opening. The new Ripley’s is housed in the former Planet Hollywood location of Jackson Brewery and provided challenges during the design and construction. The museum is located on one of the most traveled intersections in the French Quarter.

Kangaroo Conservation Center – Dawsonville, Georgia, USA

Located on over 87 acres in the Northern Georgia mountains, the Kangaroo Conservation Center is the largest collection of kangaroos outside of Australia. ITPS provided a detailed Business Review of the Center in order to analyze the current situation and provide recommendations to improve the operation of the facility. ITPS reviewed the Center’s historical and current performance of attendance, pricing, revenues, and operating expenses. Additionally, a complete review of the overall product offering as well as the image/identity were examined. ITPS also evaluated the organization structure, maintenance & safety, retail operations and the Center’s marketing programs. ITPS then made recommendations for improvement in all the above areas.

Ogden Entertainment – New York, New York, USA

Ogden Entertainment commissioned ITPS to perform a site inspection and market review relating to a potential animal safari development in Estepona, Spain, a resort town situated in the Costa del Sol region. The interim analysis provided Ogden with basic market information, as well as several conceptual development options. Based on the findings presented in the interim study, ITPS was then commissioned to proceed with the comprehensive economic feasibility analysis for a proposed theme/animal park.

Great Cats Resort – Tyler, Texas, USA

Local Conservationist Brian Werner retained ITPS to conduct a feasibility study for what will become the first "themed" resort to be located in East Texas. The resort in Tyler, Texas, will be a multi-million dollar, 19 plus-acre development that emphasizes the conservation and stewardship of wild felines—particularly endangered tigers—and their natural habitat. "Werner describes it as “a relaxing, educational, and entertaining adventure within a "Living Resort". Basically we are planning "An Exotic Experience" that will bring people and animals together in nature.”

Fort Worth Zoo – Fort Worth, Texas, USA

The Fort Worth Zoo hired ITPS to provide Operations and Maintenance Ride and Attraction Assistance for the Zoo’s newest and largest expansion, Texas Wild! Consisting of over 5,000 native and exotic animals, the Fort Worth Zoo added select rides and attractions in an effort to increase an already extraordinary guest experience.

ITPS was contracted to provide assistance to the Zoo’s management staff to help ensure a smooth transition from ride purchase through operation. ITPS also provided the Zoo with operational and maintenance manuals, as well as providing on-going assistance throughout the installation and construction period. Additionally, ITPS provided operations employee orientation and training programs. Focusing on both employee and guest safety, ITPS worked closely with the Zoo’s staff to ensure that the highest levels of guest satisfaction are being achieved.

Emancipation Park – Kingston, Jamaica

The National Housing Trust of Jamaica awarded ITPS the contract to provide consultation on operations, retail, maintenance and safety services for Emancipation Park. Located in the center of Kingston, Emancipation Park is a tribute to the country’s victory over slavery, a problem it battled for many years. ITPS was given the assignment of developing a world-class operations and maintenance program for this project -- a program that the Government hopes can be realized at other facilities throughout the country. ITPS conducted an on-site training program for Emancipation Park during the summer of 2003.

Crystal Island – Washington, D.C., USA

Crystal Island developers contracted with ITPS to evaluate the feasibility of a proposed edutainment facility located in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C. Featuring a variety of activities and exhibits, the attraction is envisioned to encompass a wide demographic array of guests. Comprised of separate pavilions, this attraction aims to entertain as well as educate guests.

Aqua’n Kay Ocean Park – Cancun, Mexico

The developers of the planned $40 million USD Aqua’n Kay Ocean Park retained ITPS as their principle consultants during the project design and development stage. Situated on a floating platform, this unique facility was designed to provide a sophisticated level of guest interactivity with a variety of marine species, as well as marine mammal presentations. In addition to concept refinement and design review, ITPS provided assistance in the areas of finance, marketing, operations, safety and maintenance.

Haw Par Villa (Fraser & Neave PTE LTD.) - Singapore

Haw Par Villa is a marvelous array of figures, dioramas and exhibits rooted in Chinese and oriental religious and mythological motifs. The park was founded in 1937, and is referred to in one guidebook as a "Confucian Disneyland." The park has a special appeal to Singaporeans and to tourists from all over the world with some estimated 1.2 million visitors per year.

ITPS was asked to assist in the revitalization and expansion of Haw Par Villa, recommending and consulting in the areas of new attractions, both in the existing complex and development of the shoreline wharf area. With the assistance of ITPS, this revitalization will restore the park to its original splendor. Also, ITPS conducted its Flexible Modular Training Program ("FMTP") for key management staff at a major US theme park, educating them in all facets of theme park operations from behind-the-scenes administration to actual hands-on experience. Assistance, recommendations and direction from ITPS to Haw Par Villa included, but was not limited to, general park operations, safety and security, general services, financial pro formas/staffing levels, food and beverage, merchandise and games, entertainment, sponsor-ship, attendance projections and capital requirements.

ITPS also assisted in the development of a business audit of Haw Par Villa. This report, completed during an on-site evaluation, included an analysis of the operation in terms of product, market and operations. Also included were recommended solutions, both short and intermediate-term, as well as an implementation program which prioritized the recommendations for improvement.

Lake Compounce / Kennywood - Bristol, Connecticut, USA

ITPS was retained by Kennywood, Inc. to develop a master plan for Lake Compounce that will transform the park into a regional theme park with a historic theme. Early American theming, a large water ride and 27 other new rides and attractions are all planned for the three phases of redevelopment.

SouthTrust Bank - Birmingham, Alabama, USA:  Jazzland Valuation

ITPS was retained by SouthTrust Bank of Birmingham, Alabama to conduct a valuation of the existing Jazzland Theme Park (New Orleans, Louisiana) operation. The purpose of this assignment was to provide an independent valuation of Jazzland based on the following approaches: fair market value based on capitalized financial performance; and, fair market value and liquidation value based on equipment and property assets, both real and personal property. In preparing this valuation, ITPS conducted an on-site inspection and review of the Jazzland Theme Park property and operation in 2002.

SunTrust Bank, Tampa, Florida, USA:  Visionland Valuation

ITPS was retained by SunTrust Bank (as Trustee for the West Jefferson Amusement and Public Park Authority), to conduct a Business/Operations Review of the VisionLand operation in Bessemer, Alabama. The purpose of this review was to provide an examination of the overall business and operations at VisionLand, leading to any necessary recommended program changes that could potentially improve efficiency, productivity, service, and profitability.

ITPS also conducted a property valuation of VisionLand. The purpose of this valuation is to provide an independent assessment of the value of VisionLand based on the following approaches: fair market value based on capitalized financial performance, and, fair market value, replacement value, and liquidation value based on equipment and property assets, both real and personal property. ITPS was also retained as sales agent to offer VisionLand for sale.

Six Flags Corporation (Six Flags Over Texas) - Dallas, Texas, USA

As America's first major seasonal theme park which opened in 1961, Six Flags Over Texas entertains 2.6-3.0 million visitors per year and enjoys a number of rides, shows and attractions. ITPS assisted Six Flags in the development and implementation of their first winter operation program, "Holiday In The Park." This included conceptualizing, designing and operational and financial planning, as well as directing the marketing and public relations programs to ensure a successful first and subsequent years operation.

Pacifico National Trade Fair - Lima, Peru

The Pacifico National Trade Fair contracted ITPS to conduct a feasibility analysis regarding a potential new theme park to be located in Lima, Peru. The new theme park, planned to include a quality mix of rides, attractions and entertainment, would be located on the grounds of the existing trade fair. The feasibility analysis focused on a review of the market, the site and the concept, after which attendance and financial projections were made in order to determine the viability of project development.

La Feria Chapultepec Magico - Mexico City, Mexico

Chapultepec Magico is the largest theme/amusement park in Mexico City, located in the city's center. In a renovation plan recently completed, over 25 major rides and attractions were added to the park.

ITPS was contracted to advise and consult on issues relating to marketing, operations, maintenance, safety, security, retail, financial and long-range planning including design related expansion. ITPS also provides safety and operational audits for the park.

Tianjin Amusement Park - Tianjin, People's Republic of China

The Tianjin Amusement Park is a traditional Chinese amusement park that is located on 135 acres and includes a hotel, science center, tennis courts and waterpark.

ITPS was contracted with the Tianjin Amusement Park to develop a master plan design concept for their existing amusement park. The goal of ITPS was to bring the existing park to a new level of international theme park status, as well as establish it as a year-round facility. The modern, world-class theme park would contain six themed areas, new rides and attractions, observation tower, resort, museum, expanded waterpark and a monorail system throughout the park.

Wonderworld Theme Park - Cyprus

Wonderworld Theme Park Ltd., a Cyprus corporation contracted International Theme Park Services, Inc. to provide the following services: Concept and Design, Pre-Opening Operations Services, Corporate Sponsorship Acquisition, and On-Site Management.

Republica de los Ninos - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Republica de los Ninos is a well known park that has been operating as a cultural and historical facility for the children of Argentina for many years. ITPS was asked to conduct a financial feasibility for the existing park, as well as to recommend a concept for the facility so that it would appeal to everyone - children, adults and families.

ITPS' goal was to add to the existing facility, while at the same time creating a true themed attraction environment, thus offering high quality entertainment value. Attendance and financial projections were provided, as well as a new concept for the new park.

Reino Aventura Park - Mexico City, Mexico

Reino Aventura Park is a 113-acre park located in Mexico City. It has been in existence since 1982 and has an average annual attendance of 1.5 million. In an effort to enhance its operation and provide long-term profitability for the park, the owners of Reino Aventura Park asked ITPS to provide services relating to the overall rehabilitation program necessary for success.

For the first phase of service, ITPS was contracted to conduct an on-site business audit which included a detailed inspection of the park, as well as an evaluation of operating performance relating to attendance and revenue generation, expense history, management philosophy, park image and product mix. ITPS was also asked to conduct a review of the master plan, evaluate the site conditions for main entrance ingress and egress, and provide consultation and assistance in the general layout of a major new ride planned for installation. Finally, ITPS was asked to review the required investment for the rehabilitation program of Reino Aventura Park to include attendance and revenue projections, a capital investment program and a cash flow pro forma.

Subsequent phases of service included refinement and/or development of the maintenance program, operations program and safety program. Other services included assistance in the development of a marketing plan and a review of the park's overall product and programmatic strategies.

Time Warner, Inc. - New York, New York, USA

Warner Communications, Inc., the entertainment arm of Time Warner, Inc., completed a major stock purchase into the Six Flags Corporation, a premier amusement/theme park operator in the leisure industry. Prior to their final decision as to the viability of such a purchase, Warner Communications, Inc. requested that an analytical assessment of the Six Flags system be conducted by a highly respected, professional leisure firm.

To that end, Warner Communications, Inc. contracted ITPS to perform a "Due Diligence Assessment" of the Six Flags Corporation. This assignment included in-depth and on-site reviews of the assets and operations of each Six Flags park to include Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, California), AstroWorld (Houston, Texas), Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, Texas), Six Flags Over Mid-America (Eureka, Missouri), Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, Illinois), Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, New Jersey) and Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta, Georgia).

Concentrating on areas such as capital expenditure programs, long-range plans, operating history, asset maintenance, ride operations, safety, ride maintenance, retail operations, admissions policies, attendance trends, financial projections and capacity characteristics, ITPS developed an executive summary for Warner Communications, Inc., which led to the decision to finalize the initial $30 million stock purchase of the Six Flags Corporation.

Terra Encantada - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ITPS worked with ESTA S.A. Terra Encantada in Brazil. The 45-acre theme park opened in January 1998. With this development, the Rio de Janeiro market was introduced to a more sophisticated level of entertainment, rides, and attractions, including steel roller coasters and the latest water rides. The park's state-of-the-art attractions are based on aspects of Brazilian culture and history, narrating the country's origin, nature and folklore.

As part of the pre-opening operations planning, ITPS conducted an extensive management training program on-site. This program introduced the managers and supervisors of the project to basic theme park operations. ITPS training team members returned to Rio prior to park opening to conduct training for all line personnel in both general and specific areas of park operations. This training provided the park's line personnel with the knowledge they needed to successfully welcome their guests.

ITPS also provided full-time, on-site management during the entire pre-opening process, from the construction phase, through the establishment of park operations and into the first eight (8) months of actual daily park management.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark - Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Manual development and on-site training.

SuperSplash! Adventure - Edinburg, Texas, USA

For the INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION of the City of Edinburg, ITPS performed a Management and Operational Audit of this SuperSplash! Adventure located in Edinburg, Texas. As such, ITPS was asked to (a) provide a review of overall operations leading to any necessary recommended program changes that could potentially produce improved efficiency, productivity, service or profitability; and, (b) provide documentation regarding the park’s operation in the event of an anticipated change of ownership, equity participation, sale of property assets, or current or future operational changes. Subsequent to the completion of the audit, ITPS was retained as the waterpark’s on-site management company.

ITPS reported to the Edinburg Industrial Development Council, and recruited and hired a General Manager for the facility. Further, ITPS utilized its experience and corporate staff to develop and direct both short- and long-term objectives. As such, ITPS developed business plans, marketing plans, revised capital programs, revised budgets, new operational programs, in-depth training programs, modified retail programs, enhanced ambiance-related details, and other modifications necessary to correctly position the park in the marketplace.

The park was closed after the 2000 season and was put up for sale. ITPS was responsible for the marketing of the facility and the park was sold to private investors in 2002.

New Heritage USA - Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA

At the time of ITPS involvement, New Heritage USA was a multi-use Christian destination resort spanning over 2,000 acres located just south of Charlotte, North Carolina in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The facility, which operated during the years l984-89, was purchased by the New Heritage Carolina Corporation and reopened under a prudently planned renovation and expansion program.

ITPS was contracted to oversee and coordinate the total renovation of Heritage Island Waterpark, a 5 acre facility located within New Heritage USA. Under this contract, ITPS provided both consultation services, as well as an on-site ITPS project team to directly oversee and conduct the renovation program.

The ITPS renovation program for Heritage Island Waterpark was conducted in two simultaneous phases. Phase I (Redevelopment/Renovation) placed ITPS in a general contractor's role and included all physical aspects of renovation such as plumbing, electrical, filtration, chlorination and other technical and mechanical programs. Phase II (Pre-Opening Operations Planning) included all operational programming necessary to prepare the waterpark for a successful opening such as human resources planning, budgets, schedules, departmental programs and manuals, training procedures, revenue programs, marketing and other aspects of operational planning.

Queen Mary and Spruce Goose (Wrather Corp.) - Long Beach, California, USA

The Queen Mary, a luxurious ocean liner, hosts key exhibits depicting the "Queen's" active and extensive role during World War II, as well as special light and sound effect exhibits. The Spruce Goose is an all-wood, 200 ton flying boat, formerly owned by Howard Hughes. Both the Queen Mary and the Spruce Goose were formerly owned by the Disney Company and the Wrather Corporation. Currently, both attractions form an entertainment complex, which not only entertains and is functional, but is educational and rich with history.

ITPS worked with the Wrather Corporation in the areas of marketing, operations and attractions planning, as well as consulting and assisting in the management planning, capital planning and ongoing development of marketing programs.

Bank of America / Ripley’s Aquariums - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina & Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA

In 2003, ITPS was retained by Bank of America to conduct a business valuation of the existing Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well as Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and to provide an independent assessment of its value. In preparing the valuation originally submitted in October of 2003, ITPS conducted an on-site review of the Ripley’s Aquarium property and operation in Myrtle Beach. On-site and subsequent review of documentation and materials led to the completed Business Valuation.

In August of 2006 (2009 and 2012), Bank of America again retained ITPS to re-examine its original valuation of the Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach and Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and property and, based on its findings, to either reconfirm or update the valuation results. To that end, ITPS researched all updated information that would have a bearing on the valuation update and obtained the most current data available upon which the reconfirmation or update would be based.

Toledo Zoo - Toledo, Ohio, USA

ITPS was contracted by the Toledo Zoological Society to perform an in-depth study of vehicular traffic, grounds and departmental functions at the Toledo Zoo, a 30-acre facility in Toledo, Ohio. The purpose of the study was to offer recommendations to reduce, and in some cases, eliminate vehicular traffic during park operating hours.

After an intense on-site operational review by ITPS staff, a report was developed with recommendations geared towards reducing the unnecessary vehicular traffic, as well as policy and procedure changes to accomplish this goal. These changes encompassed such departments and categories as maintenance, greenhouse and trash pick-up, visitor services, outside contractors and veterinary and management staff.

The Wildlife Conservation Society / The Bronx Zoo - New York City, New York, USA

International Theme Park Services, Inc. (“ITPS”) was retained by the Wildlife Conservation Society (“WCS”) of the City of New York to conduct an Admissions Pricing Analysis for the Bronx Zoo. The goals of this analysis were to:

Examine the current pricing situation at the Bronx Zoo;
Consider any operational issues, marketing impact, or other key issues that would be affected if the Bronx Zoo operation was within the realm of a “One Price Fits All” pricing policy;
Compare the pricing structure at the Bronx Zoo with other similar zoos, as well as key commercial attractions, around the country as a basis for pricing recommendations; and,
Provide recommended changes, as necessary, to the overall admissions pricing structure at the Bronx Zoo that would be based on the Zoo’s ultimate mission and long-term goals.

ITPS also performed a financial impact analysis to determine what would happen if the recommendations were implemented.

Darling Harbour - Sydney, Australia

Darling Harbour was identified to be the centerpiece for the city's celebration of the 1988 Bicentennial. The overall planning objective of the Darling Harbour Project was to provide a balance of educational, cultural, entertainment and recreational facilities and activities to create "a place for people."

ITPS was contracted to critique the proposed product plan for traffic flow, capacity, attendance and overall product mix in an effort to attract both the tourist and resident markets. In addition, ITPS was heavily involved in the financial pro forma development, including staffing considerations, as well as proposed revenue and per capita forecasting

Sungold Entertainment - Toledo Beach, Michigan, USA

ITPS was retained by Sungold Entertainment Corp. to conduct a feasibility analysis at Toledo Beach, Michigan. This study was Sungold's first step in developing a major entertainment center to service the Detroit / Windsor Casino tourist market and the 9.6 million person market that is within a 100 mile drive of the Toledo Beach site.

Millennium Monument - Newport, Kentucky, USA

The Millennium Monument was scheduled to be an observation tower standing 1,149 feet over the Ohio River Valley in Newport, Kentucky. Included in the plans for the monument was attractions providing guests with more to do than simply look around. Attractions included a 360-degree theater, a 3D simulator, the world's largest bell, and exhibits emphasizing the role of the many craftsman in the creation of today's modern world. ITPS conducted the initial feasibility study for the project, studying the market, economic, and design characteristics.

Eastgate Miniature Golf Complex - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

ITPS was contracted to perform an evaluation of the existing Eastgate Miniature Golf Complex in Cincinnati, Ohio in order to make recommendations leading to an expansion program of additional leisure elements. This evaluation led to the recommendation by ITPS for the complex to add attractions to the 5-acre complex, such as a go-kart track, batting cages, and arcade room, as well as to redesign the admissions area with an additional food and beverage outlet.

The report developed by ITPS to support these recommendations included projections for financial performance and a physical layout of the go-kart track. To date, all elements have been incorporated into the complex, except for the batting cages.

Boca Raton Leisure Complex - Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Osborne Properties of Boca Raton, Florida retained ITPS to conduct a feasibility analysis regarding the development of a family entertainment and mixed-use complex on a site along I-95 in Boca Raton. As planned, the site for the Boca Raton Leisure Complex would include miniature golf, go-karts, a carousel, retail opportunities, and other rides, attractions and amenities. The complex would encompass approximately 25 acres of land. ITPS undertook the feasibility assignment in order to provide an in-depth assessment of financial viability of developing such a complex in the Boca Raton marketplace.

Dino Kingdom - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Kossman Development Company retained International Theme Park Services, Inc. ("ITPS") to complete services in the areas of design review, operations, safety, manual development and on-site training for Dino Kingdom, dinosaur themed Family Entertainment Center within Pittsburgh's Parkway Center Mall.

Parkway Center Mall, Pittsburgh's only in-city mall, encompasses 500,000 square feet on three (3) levels and is located two (2) miles from downtown Pittsburgh. The FEC occupies nearly 12,000 square feet on the first level of the mall and incorporates traditional elements such as redemption games, soft play, and party rooms within a dinosaur themed environment.

ITPS staff were on-site for during the pre-opening and opening phase, providing training, facility set-up, product placement and other general assistance services. ITPS also provided follow-up visits to review the project during actual operation and provide guidance.

Al Mojel Projects Co. LTD. – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Al Mojel Projects Co. LTD., a Saudi Arabian based company, engaged International Theme Park Services, Inc. ("ITPS") to develop all aspects of their pre-opening operations program for the Al-Hamra Entertainment Village, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. ITPS was on site to assist with the implementation of the pre-opening program and the opening of the project. The over 500,000 square foot facility consists of rides, attractions and amphitheater, as well as includes food, beverage, various games, and a retail operation.

Rockford Park District - Rockford, Illinois, USA

The Rockford Park District is an active and progressive governmental agency located in Rockford, Illinois (Illinois' second largest city). ITPS has worked with the Rockford Park District since 1986 on a myriad of projects:

Lockwood Park - Family Fun Center
The Lockwood Park site is farmland with gently rolling hills and Kent Creek running through the property located 17 miles south of the Illinois-Wisconsin state line. Located in Rockford, Illinois, the "fun center" concept is to develop a themed attraction containing creative play elements, kiddie rides, trout fishing facilities, horseback riding and picnic areas. The park is geared toward the "family" unit. ITPS was contracted to analyze the market and financial feasibility of the proposed attraction providing site plans, design layouts, renderings and vignettes.

Magic Waters Waterpark
Magic Waters, a 34.5 acre waterpark, is located on the southeast corner of Winnebago County. Magic Waters, originally developed by the private sector, was purchased by the Rockford Park District after the waterpark had failed to perform successfully during its first several years of operation. ITPS was contracted to provide an analysis of operations leading to an in-depth renovation and expansion program for Magic Waters.

Railroad Park Museum
The Kent Creek Industrial District is an older part of Rockford where many of the existing manufacturing firms began. The district is located in the heart of the city. The area is aging, but remains viable and requires revitalization for preservation. The City of Rockford contracted ITPS to prepare a feasibility study of a "railroad" themed park and museum to be located at an old railroad depot station of approximately 10 acres. Overall responsibilities have also included site identifications, concept evaluations, physical planning parameters and architectural renderings.

Feasibility Analysis - Design / Masterplanning - Pre-Opening Operations Planning - Management

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