Episode 20: The legend behind the beloved Garfield the Cat cartoon character..........Jim Davis, creator, discusses the Garfield journey.

Guest: Jim Davis

On Episode 20 of the ITPS I’M4FUN podcast, Dennis Speigel welcomes Jim Davis, Creator of Garfield the Cat. Garfield debuted in 1978 in 41 US newspapers. Today, Garfield is read in over 2,400 newspapers by 200 million people globally, and his television shows and movies have led to Emmy awards for Jim Davis. Guinness World Records named Garfield “the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world.” In this rare interview, Jim will be sharing unique insights about Garfield – why and how he got started drawing the strip. Also how Garfield and friends evolved, and how the Garfield IP has become an important part of America’s POP culture scene for over 43 years.

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