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Thelma & Boom, Inc. (TB), a theme park and entertainment design team based in California, USA, and International Theme Park Services, Inc. (ITPS), a leading leisure and attractions consultant based in Ohio, USA, announced today a collaborative effort on an exciting new design approach and innovative process that meets the new restrictions of remote collaborative efforts between clients, creative and technical teams.

TB and ITPS have worked extensively for many years with international clients, design firms and local A/E groups which, until recently, have followed the traditional AIA or REBA design guidelines and phasing for the design development of theme parks and entertainment venues. However, as the culture of Theme Park Design evolves, the needs of international clients are no longer met by these traditional guidelines developed by the Architecture and Engineering Industries. Theme Park and Amusement Design is a unique world that needs new ways to achieve the most efficient collaboration efforts between the creative and technical development within different cultures, often separated by oceans and long distances.

Enter Concept+, the creative answer.

Concept+ is a new design process that delivers the full creative intent of a project prior to the start of Schematic Design. It incorporates a TB-developed visualization process called Design Integrated Modeling (DIM), that makes the Creative phase efficient and accurate, similar to the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the more technical phases. This new design approach addresses the current industry demands and benefits both the creative teams and decision makers.

ITPS and TB have also partnered together to offer a Feasibility+ package. Combining the analytical and operational experience of ITPS, which is approaching 40 years, and the high concept stylistic approach that TB can bring to potential projects, the Feasibility+ package would give the project developer a complete presentation to market the idea to potential lenders and investors, thus increasing the chances of receiving much-needed funding.

Everyone is feeling the impact that COVID-19 is having on the theme park and amusement industry. This impact is changing the way projects are analyzed, designed, planned, and operated. “Concept+”and “Feasibility+” are the answers to the new opportunities created by the changes that surround our industry.

The ITPS / TB collaboration is poised and ready to lead the change through providing new cost and time saving solutions. With these two groups bringing together their years of experience and new technology to a project, developers and operators will have a high-quality, turnkey project on which they can expect proper funding and precise planning and design.

Both TB and ITPS believe this new design collaboration is unique, powerful, and worthy of consideration by future leisure attraction developers globally.

Concept+ is TB’s answer to Successful Partnerships in Theme Park Design

The world of theme park and amusement design is evolving along with all other industries in the world. As clients and their technical teams become more emerged into the development of theme parks and entertainment venues, their level of input and technical collaboration also increases. The traditional AIA and REBA design guidelines and phasing, originally developed by the Architecture and Engineering industries, no longer apply as the most efficient collaboration between international creative and technical teams. There is a new creative process that aligns with the current needs of theme park, amusement, and leisure design.

This new creative process also facilitates the communication between creative teams and decision makers. Added Dennis Speigel of ITPS, collaborating partner with TB on this new design concept launch, “The TB team has combined their knowledge and experience in design and development to not only create a new pipeline that avoids redundancy and design cost overruns, but also allows developers to see their future project in a whole new realm. At ITPS, we believe this new Concept+ package will provide a level of accuracy never before available at this early stage of design.”

Concept+ is an innovative phase in the development of a project that meets the needs of the international client and fulfills the level of vision intended by the creative team prior to the start of Schematic or Scheme Design. This new phase incorporates a TB-developed 3D/VR visualization process called Design Integrated Modeling (DIM), that does for the creative process what Building Information Modeling (BIM) does for technical development of a project. There is no need for interpretation of a beautiful rendering when you can walk around in the model, and view the intended design of each angle, making changes in real time as you explore solutions and options. This unique, real-time walk-through can be experienced at the level of detail traditionally only found in Art Director’s models. Only adjustments are required beyond Concept+.

Juan Mayans-Boom of TB indicated that the Concept+ approach is a product of CAD-level accuracy accompanied by 3-dimensional modeling from the very first stages of Design. This unique model can be viewed either on a traditional desktop or through virtual reality (VR).

Alex Mayans of TB stresses the importance of remote creative oversight with the tools provided by this new approach. Alex runs the creative efforts from the TB office in Madrid. He has been using this process for years with TB’s international team and has achieved unparalleled success of client approvals.

Added Pam Westerman of ITPS, “Concept+ will truly become a significant new way to ‘get it right from the beginning’ and outrun major changes to the project. We are excited about this new approach that TB has created and look forward to working with them on this launch.”

As Dennis said, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this new Concept+ VR package is worth a million words.”

Thelma & Boom has partnered with ITPS to launch this new Concept+ design approach, as well as a unique Feasibility+ package that will include not only in-depth analysis of potential project performance but that will also offer high concept renderings and a presentation piece for developers to share with potential investors.

For more information, please reach out to itps@interthemepark.com. We would love to hear from you!

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