EPISODE 4: The Mexican Latin American Attractions Industry Outlook, Current Status and Short Long Term Forecast

Guest: Rene Aziz- CEO & President @Grupo Divertido

Dennis and Rene engage in an energetic discussion about the status of the attractions industry in Mexico and Latin America. Rene shares his insights on the general state of the economy and how this will continue to impact leisure attractions. Learn about the future of Mexico in its quest to rebound its theme park and attractions market and hear what Rene, a past Chairman of IAAPA, feels it will take for our global industry to fully recover.

About Rene Aziz
Rene Aziz is CEO & President Grupo Divertido, founded in 1983, which administered 13 entertainment facilities, including water parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centers and zoos across Latin America. For IAAPA, Rene has served on its Board of Directors, has been its third Vice President, and has served as its first Latin American Chairman of the Board. Rene is also a founding member of the Mexican Association of Attractions and Amusement Parks (AMAP), and has served as Founding Member, President, Treasurer, and Board Member of the Latin American Association of Attractions and Amusement Parks (ALAP). He has served as President of the Pro Bosque de Chapultepec Trust and opened “WANNADOCITY” in Miami, Florida. In 2009, the company bought Diverisiones Moy, which included 15 family entertainment throughout Mexico. Rene chairs the companies, Grupo Divertido, Rueda Bicentenaria in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and Parque Perimágico in Mexico City.

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