Aquarium / Zoo Projects

Newport Aquarium - Newport, Kentucky

The developers of the Newport Aquarium selected ITPS to perform all pre-opening operations planning, manual development, and training for the new aquarium, which opened May 15, 1999. ITPS also provided operations management during the opening of the aquarium.

One essential aspect to the ITPS scope of work was the training program that was implemented before the Grand Opening. The training program covered all aspects of operation on every level, from senior management to all line employees.

Additionally, ITPS, after extensive planning and development, rolled out an innovative, progressive, and sophisticated partnership marketing program for the Newport Aquarium.

ITPS, an experienced provider of operations planning for theme parks and entertainment attractions around the world, was appointed by the aquarium to develop and implement the innovative program that linked local and national businesses with the new $40 million aquarium, which opened along the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky in May, 1999. ITPS was responsible for generating over $4 million in sponsors.

Cincinnati Zoological Park and Botanical Garden - Cincinnati, Ohio

ITPS was retained by the Cincinnati Zoo to develop a Request For Proposal for the food and beverage program at the Zoo. Once proposals were received by the Zoo, ITPS reviewed each proposal and made recommendations to the Board of Directors on which proposals would provide the maximum benefit to the zoo. During this process, ITPS also conducted an in-depth retail business analysis of the zoo's food service and merchandise programs.

ITPS has also provided the Cincinnati Zoo with design services involving masterplan review. This review provided the Zoo with options which will allow easier circulation of guests around the property. In addition, ITPS assisted in a general contract review for a major new attraction being considered by the Zoo.

ITPS has also provided retail review and planning, point of sale selection, and other areas involving their overall food service and merchandise programs. In 2004, ITPS assisted the Zoo in providing a Group Sales Analysis and implemented the new Group Sales pricing program, increased the number of sales representatives and improved the efficiency of the operation.

In 2005 (and again in 2010), ITPS provided Operations and Maintenance Manuals for the Zoo's Train Ride. In addition, ITPS staff provided on-site ride operations training.

The Wildlife Conservation Society / The Bronx Zoo
New York

International Theme Park Services, Inc. (“ITPS”) was retained by the Wildlife Conservation Society (“WCS”) of the City of New York to conduct an Admissions Pricing Analysis for the Bronx Zoo. The goals of this analysis were to:

Examine the current pricing situation at the Bronx Zoo;
Consider any operational issues, marketing impact, or other key issues that would be affected if the Bronx Zoo operation was within the realm of a “One Price Fits All” pricing policy;
Compare the pricing structure at the Bronx Zoo with other similar zoos, as well as key commercial attractions, around the country as a basis for pricing recommendations; and,
Provide recommended changes, as necessary, to the overall admissions pricing structure at the Bronx Zoo that would be based on the Zoo’s ultimate mission and long-term goals.

ITPS also performed a financial impact analysis to determine what would happen if the recommendations were implemented.

Bank of America / Ripley’s Aquariums

In 2003, ITPS was retained by Bank of America to conduct a business valuation of the existing Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well as Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and to provide an independent assessment of its value. In preparing the valuation originally submitted in October of 2003, ITPS conducted an on-site review of the Ripley’s Aquarium property and operation in Myrtle Beach. On-site and subsequent review of documentation and materials led to the completed Business Valuation.

In August of 2006 (2009 and 2012), Bank of America again retained ITPS to re-examine its original valuation of the Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach and Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and property and, based on its findings, to either reconfirm or update the valuation results. To that end, ITPS researched all updated information that would have a bearing on the valuation update and obtained the most current data available upon which the reconfirmation or update would be based.

Toledo Zoo
Toledo, Ohio

ITPS was contracted by the Toledo Zoological Society to perform an in-depth study of vehicular traffic, grounds and departmental functions at the Toledo Zoo, a 30 acre facility in Toledo, Ohio. The purpose of the study was to offer recommendations to reduce, and in some cases, eliminate vehicular traffic during park operating hours.

After an intense on-site operational review by ITPS staff, a report was developed with recommendations geared towards reducing the unnecessary vehicular traffic, as well as policy and procedure changes to accomplish this goal. These changes encompassed such departments and categories as maintenance, greenhouse and trash pick-up, visitor services, outside contractors and veterinary and management staff.

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