Episode 15: I'M4FUN...."A strategic discussion on the Global Leisure Industry......what to plan, look for, and act upon."

Guest: Andreas Andersen - CEO & President of Liseberg

Andreas Andreas is the CEO and President of the Liseberg Group in Sweden, which operates one of Scandinavia’s most visited amusement parks. Andreas has a strong amusement industry background that spans over 20 years, including Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Liseberg in Sweden, VP of European Operations at IAAPA EMEA, and past Chair of IAAPA. During this I’M4FUN podcast, Dennis and Andreas discuss the current state of the amusement industry in Europe, how IAAPA and its committees are adjusting as the industry begins to transition out of Covid’s impact, and what the future holds for leisure operations from a financial perspective.

Additional Questions after the Podcast

Thank you to Andreas Andersen for answering some additional questions from the live podcast that were not able to be answered due to time. These questions (and Andreas' answers) can be found below.

Sweden recently extended the Covid restrictions to May 3rd. Is there a risk that you might lose the 2021 season? How could Liseberg survive if that were to occur?
I don’t think this will be very likely, as we have a new pandemic legislation in place. If, however, that happened, it would be tough financially. We would pull through, but it would not be easy.

Trying to get ready to open after such a long shutdown is challenging. How have you specifically changed your marketing strategies during the pandemic in order to assure guests return for 2021?
To some extent. Our first wave of communication will center around a safe re-opening. And we will launch our new dark-ride a bit later, as we don’t think this will have sufficiently attention from guests and media at the beginning of the season.

One thing Covid has done is to enhance the contactless approach to service. Do you see this as a permanent change, and in what way?
This was really already in Sweden, pre-COVID. And this will of course be accelerated by the pandemic.

How do you think being Chair of IAAPA prepared you for going through what our industry has gone through in the last year? If so, how did it prepare you?
The Chairmanship gave me a global outlook, that I may not entirely have had before. And with that also comes a sense of perspective, that can be useful in times of crises. This too shall pass. And I have great faith in our industry’s ability to pull through.

In general, why did you leave Liseberg for Tivoli Gardens, and then return to Liseberg?
I wanted to back to Copenhagen for personal reasons – my daughter, mother, etc. lives there. But in that process, I also realized that the price of that move was simply too high. Tivoli was not really what I hoped for – and I was far from done with Liseberg. And with everything Liseberg has gone through the last year, it sort of makes sense on a higher level, that was me who had to navigate the company through the pandemic.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get their start in our industry?
Get a relevant education. And get involved in the trade associations (IAAPA; TEA, etc).

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